How, is part of my search phrase when I struck upon this website on illegal immigrants. I was looking for "how to report illegal immigrants" and ended up with a laugh at the expense of this dense moron, the funniest part of all was that I thought the mug shot was that of an illegal immigrant, not the author.

I have been recently been loosing more sleep; all thanks to the selfishness of those illegal immigrants downstairs. When they're not banging things, shouting or listening to music so loud that it makes the glass in my flat shake, they're deafing the neighbourhood with the sound of a television in the early hours of the morning.

This morning I decided to ring the Customs and Excise and find someone to report them to, I have the number of the "Duty Officer", but after several attempts I felt like time was being wasted. I'm still not sure whether it was my time, or theirs, since afterall, the vacancy in the flat below will be taken by more immigrants the minute they walk out.

I must be a simpleton, for not liking their rich contribution to our society. I mean I only see it as: tax evation and a plethora of undesirable crimes, drug usage, rowdy hostile selfish behaviour and lack of hygene above and beyond that which anyone civil would ever submit themselves to, my stairwell is trashed by their litter, the stentch of cigarettes wafts up through a ventilation shaft we have for the gas mains (not ventilation as ventilation of ambient air - merely in a engineering/health and safety sense of ventilating gas mains). Their kitchen window acts as their rubbish shoot.

...and I am a xenophobic bigot for not seeing them as "civilized people"?