Site Hiatus

This site is in a current state of limbo. There will be content added as and when I feel there is something to say. Look below for articles.

I am currently thinking about and in a manner of ways working on writing a new form of content management system. The idea is so out of the box; that I'm having trouble finding it, or putting the idea down into a single notion.


HOWTO: Repair a dead K750i (11/September/2006)
Have you got a Sony Ericsson K750i that is dead? Fearing you might have to sell it on eBay at a loss? Don't bother, Neil has the answer!
Razor Blades (22/August/2006)
Do you find your razors aren't much good? I'll explain why!
High Fidelity (14/August/2006)
A tribute to the film I've just watched. If you haven't seen it, save it for one of those blue moments, when you're single and sad and reminiscent of your exgirlfriends.
Mordred's Song (13/August/2006)
Some songs are well suited for certain events, so much so that the producer of the event is named after the song.
Fire & Rain (17/June/2006)
Do you like your friends? Do you like yourself? If so why?
Avoidance (10/June/2006)
My current state of mind. What a farce
HOWTO: Configure Ubuntu 5.10 (05/June/2006)
As concise as I could put together, a list of configs for Ubuntu
I Carnt Spel (30/May/2006)
I just snapped at the complete illiteracy of the nation and bruised by the abuse to the english language. I just can't stand it!
The Call of Cthulhu (17/May/2006)
Ever got to one of those stages in your life where nothing seems to make sense, and your impulses are so alien, yet familiar at the same time? Had to act upon feelings that seem implicit and yet benign but totally against the grain of your present regular behaviour? That is my "Call of Cthulhu". I have know idea where it is taking me but I follow.
How? (15/May/2006)
I was recently amused by reading some extremist's website about illegal immigrants. I ask myself: Why are extremists (in general) all so incredibly obtuse? They fight the right fight, for all the wrong reasons. Irony: QED.

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