The Call of Cthulhu


Read some of Lovecraft's novels. It is then that you see that there is a fine line between genius and moronity.

I am the latter, hence why I have a clichéd website name, playing on the irony of my web alias which in itself is a cliché and a play on words in the English language.

I have been tentatively battling against search engines for the past month or so; attempting to make my previous content forgotten. To start a fresh is always hard when there is so much reminding you of what the past held.

Part of the many moves of late have included: breaking up with Natti, stopping my blog, stopping my social ventures online, speaking with ex-girlfriends and spending more time alone with my thoughts. Of course I am lonely, I itch with self hatred for all the things I have done. I am so far away from the man I am destined to be, that it all seems too impossible.

I don't really know what this is all about, both this article and my current situation, I'm following it in the hope that it will all evolve. Have I gone mad? Am I desperate? I can't answer any of those questions, I used to think that I could.