I Carnt Spel


On a forum that I have recently been residing. Having recently been discussing whether or not university lecturers should strike for extra pay in England, I have been dumb-struck by the sheer illiteracy of university students.

How dare people excuse themselves with "Dyslexia" or being bilingual for their illiteracy. I am both the above, but the difference between myself and themselves is that I bother to use a dictionary and proof read my text (on occassion).

I find it nothing less than insulting that someone claiming to be a university student in this country (England), is completely illiterate. Furthermore, the use of slang, with colloquial words that have contrary meaning or irrelavant to their orgin, is nothing more than proving that they're complete ignoramii.

I have experienced such words in university corridors as:

  • "allow" when what was intended was: "please stop it",
  • "seen" meaning: "Great, I understand",
  • "safe yeah" translating to: " Great!"

This is not a matter of opinion when I say: those who practice such treachery against the English language might aswell go and find themselves a soap-box to stand on to be publicly humilated. Alas, that would only stoop to their level, and would never be a viable option as they stopped making soap boxes a long time ago.