Fire & Rain


Topic of the month: dealing with one's own integrity.

The salad of emotions and feelings I've been having lately seem to be constantly contradicting eachother; yet, make perfect sense. On one hand, I'm horribly lonely tired of my convictions being so extreme. On the other hand, I'm proud of who I am and my beliefs, the joining factor in this scenario is that nobody remotely likes who I really am. So I either resort to being someone people like, to kill my loneliness; or, stand by what and who I am and pay the toll of what that means.

So what this tells us about the time we live in is that we're either conditioned into being people who we don't like being just for social acceptance, or, stick to your guns and be an outcast, in this case it thins out anyone with opposing views, because they're automatically rejected by a majority vote.

So in conclusion, I might aswell state what I am and stand to it. I am pleased with my true identity and I'm tired of repressing and compromising to having an amicable relationship based on lies.

I Like:

People who make an effort and struggle and go through misery to achieve their ultimate goal, especially when that goal was a choice of theirs; oppossed to being forced into doing such things for their achievements.

Consideration for the: now, then, who, what and why.

Meaning to everything. Without this, things taste of nothing. Granted there are times where things do not need to mean anything, but that is not all the time and everywhere.

I Dislike:

Hedonists. These people are scum and go by many names and defend themselves in many ways from what they are and always detract their underlying identity of being hedonist scum. To name a few examples, those who feel necessity of doing drugs as a social habit, smoking a joint, popping a pill, you people are hedonist scum.

To varying extents this also goes into the other thing I dislike. Fickle, impulsive lamens, who cannot for the life of them stay committed to one idea or one notion, spoilt by choice and affraid of any opinion not their own. Like: smokers, who are perpetually trying to quit, but like afore mentioned are too wrapped up their own pleasure that they cannot let it go. Equally this is scum.

I hate too many things for a healthy and fair argument, so I'll stop and say this. I doubt any of you reading will agree with me, or more like: most of you reading this far hate my guts and think I'm so wrong that I should alter my opinions and ideas, compromising to see the other side of the argument. However, that is defending scum, freedom of speach can take a long walk home when you consider all the predictions made about the present made in the past, and how true they have turned out. When considering this, consider how scorned those who stood against the fall of civility by stating some true facts about the times. To name one that stands out: Enoch Powell and his speech "Rivers of Blood". Why must someone be punished for this? Why must I be punished for seeing things in a high resolution perspective as I see things today.