HOWTO: Repair a dead K750i


From experience, I know that finding an article, guide, tutorial or HOWTO that tells you how to fix or repair a dud k750i is hard work. I intend this howto to answer how to fix a Sony Ericsson K750i.

Let me first start off with what you could have done to your phone for it to now stop be working; by identifying this you should have some idea whether this article is for you or not. Have you tried to flash your phone? tried altering the CDA? or change the CID of your phone? If so, then continue reading, otherwise if didn't, look elsewhere.

Allow me now to quickly tell you what I did to my phone for it to stop working. I was attempting to de-brand my phone using a cruiser cable. Following a set of instructions written in Spanish, I quickly came to a state where the phone flopped over on itself and didn't want to play anymore. The phone wouldn't power up and there was no outward sign that told me that the phone was still operational.

However, I was saved by a very friendly and warm guy (gbrooks3) who talked me through the process of recovering the phone. I'll list the steps I did to recover the phone. Please note before carrying out any of these steps that I in all instances had the phone off. Telling the PC application to flash the phone before connecting the phone (whilst holding the C button). Holding the C button is equally as important prior to connecting the cable than anything else.

Verifying the Phone isn't dead
I was able to read all codes. Which returned in full without any errors.
Flashing a new EROM
I was able to get the phone responsive again. I was able from this stage to turn the phone back on. However, since I was attempting to de-brand the phone, I went onto the next steps.
De-branding the K750i
I was able to flash the phone with an unbranded firmware, and change the CDA to 102338/38 which made my phone a Generic UK phone.
Please view the dumps available to guide you: firmware dump and settings dump.

If this guide didn't help you, or if you have any further questions regarding this page, please make a comment on the thread regarding this topic, and I'll try and answer it, otherwise someone else will try.